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e wood.They look matted.It wou▓ld require a scientifi


ould be quit


c examination to dete▓rmine whether that is blood or n▓ot. Arthur Lawrence was then ca▓lled. Do you recognize this cane, Mr.L


awren●ce Yes, it is mine.My name ●is engraved around the gold top▓. Will you inform the jury when yo●u last had it in your possession


I regre▓t to say I cannot.I lost the cane so●metime ago. When and how did you ▓lose it That I cannot say.I▓ suppo


se I must have forgotten it somewher▓e.I simply know that I have not had it in m▓y possession for some little time●.I had missed it, but suppose▓d it would eventually turn up and be returned t▓o me, as my name was on it. Please sear


ch y▓our memory, Mr.Lawrence, as to th▓e last time you had it in your possessio▓n. Lawrence looked thoughtful.


I re●member that I had it last Wednesda▓y when I was in the State Library, be▓cause I used it to re


ach a book on the top shel▓f. Did you leave it there▓ I am under the impression that I t●ook it away with m


e, but I have a careles▓s habit of forgetting canes ▓and umbrellas, and I had an exciting ▓debate with Mr.Fullert


on jus▓t before I left the room. With▓ Warren Fullerton Yes. ▓Did you leave th

  • e library with him ▓ No, I left alone.He was still there. ▓ You were on Sherman Street l●ast night Yes. Will you give ▓an account of your movements ▓ I was coming down Hemlock Avenue●-- One moment.

    Where were you coming from● I had be

  • en out for a tramp and was co●ming back.I had not been anywhere in part▓icular. How long ha

    d you been tra●mping Lawrence se

  • emed to consider his answ▓er before he spoke.Something ▓over an hour, he said. We●re you alone all tha

    t time Yes. Did ●you see any one to

  • speak to I spoke to Of▓ficer Donohue as I was coming back.▓I don't remember noticing any● one else on my walk. You m

    ay resume your ▓account.You say you wer

Our recent work.

e coming down Hemloc▓k Avenue,-- I was midway between Gr●ant and Sherman Streets when I h

Are you impressed?

eard the policem●an's whistle and I ran down ●to Sherman Street to see what